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We at Pinpoint use professional grade equipment that is purposed for being used for long tough jobs. Also using top quality chemicals we purchase from a whole seller, diluted at the proper ratio to have the best and safest results on your home or commercial surfaces. Also carrying a water tank to save you on water charges. Our fast and efficient work ethic helps save you money, a job that would originally take you all day with a rented pressure washer in a DIY project only takes us an considerable amount of time, usually at the price it would've taken you to rent the equipment.

The cleaning process is done to that very similar of a car wash, we apply water first to both loosen anything on the surface and create a layer between the chemical and the raw surface of your siding. We then apply chemical at the appropriate ratio as to not damage any plants in the surrounding area, then finish lastly with a rinse.
Just simply pressure washing your driveway could make it look like you laid new concrete, it gets that clean. Surprisingly though there are more benefits to pressure washing your driveway than it just looking brand new.
Pressure washing an awning should defifently be approached with a delicate touch. Which is why we soft wash these fabric materials instead of blasting them with high pressure.
We clean decks and all wood surfaces with low to medium pressure not to damage the wood. We use a chemical at a dilution safe for the wood and environment around it. We apply the chemical at low pressure and let sit long enough to kill any algae, mold or mildew.

"We don't cut corners we clean them."

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