Commercial Cleaning Services


Your business is likely your biggest investment, and with an investment as dear to your heart as your business we know you tend to it with care. Like anything we invest in we make sure to maintain its condition both internally and externally. That is why pressure washing is so vital to a business store front or stand alone building. Customers consider things like appearance before picking somewhere to spend their money and the cleanliness of your building and the surrounding area represents your desired demographic. We at Pinpoint help you reach these goals in appearance by providing pressure washing services to your buildings exterior walls, surrounding sidewalks and curbs, fences, awnings, drive thrus, dumpster pads or anything that can be pressure washed.

Store Front & Siding

Your storefront or buildings siding surely benefits from a routine cleaning the same as a home does. Dirt build up and live organisms like algae, mold or mildew are inevitable in these outdoor conditions and collect over time either your siding be stucco, vinyl or brick. Being you are a storefront the outside of your building is a sitting billboard and is the face of your company. Making a clean impression then is vital to your businesses flow and the message you send to your customers. We understand how important this is to you and are available to work cleaning these surfaces at a time convenient for you and your business hours, whether that be before open, during your slow period or after close.