Our aim is to provide the best service you could pay for. So if you hire us to clean any ares where there are fruniture dont even think to lift a finger. Before we start the job we take pictures of your patio, porch and/or deck so we can replace all fruniture the way we found it.
We do carry our own water, our tanks capacity has the capability to carry up to 325 gallons though it would be rare we ever transport that much water. One gallon of water weighs roughly 8.34 pounds, so 325 gallons weighs about a hefty 2,710 pounds thats constantly swishing back and forth while driving. So that being the case we only carry a max water amount of 250 gallons for the saftey of our drivers when on the road.
I have yet to hear of any company to do a normal size job without connecting to the home or businesses water source. So, if we use more water than the 200 gallons that we bring with us, we will then hook up to your water source, only using the remainder we need to complete the job. This will cost you very little money, typically below .40 cents per gallon in Gwinnett for instance. Our typical house wash takes 1 hour, so if we came with no water and ran our 5 gallon per minute machine for 60 minutes; that would be 300 gallons, which would cost you $12. Though like mentioned earlier, we regularly carry 200 gallons with us, meaning we would only use 100 gallons of your water, which would be $4. We have no problem reimbursing you these couple dollars if it were to be a concern of yours.
We are able to do our quotes and complete our jobs without having or needing to interact with you personally. We always show up to your home or job site with a mask if you choose to walk us around your property, but if you feel safer staying inside we would be able to discuss the quote over the phone.
We accept all forms of payment, though discourage payments via card due to the fees incurred by different processing companies. If you choose to pay via card, we split the processing fee. We accept all other methods as well, it either be cash app, Venmo, Zelle, check or cash. We don’t set up payment plans though we do allow 30 day payments for commercial jobs as well as any job over $1,000. Check by mail is also accepted, though most times we will ask if we can pick it up from you personally if you are within a reasonable distance.
After contacting us we can get a free quote back to you within a couple days if not the day of the inquiry. After we take measurements of the job the quote is then written up and emailed to you the same day that the measurements were taken for average sized jobs, maybe taking an extra day or two for big projects. After the quote is established and agreed upon we can likely have you on the schedule within the next 10 days depending on the time of the year. If you have a pressure washing emergancy, like your selling your home or have guest coming over soon; we will work you into our schedule as soon as possible to accomodate your needs.

"We don't cut corners we clean them."

Licensed and Fully insured